Friday, July 21, 2017

More sand... and recording devices

The sand is a constant recording device.

It is washed clean with the the next high tide.

The earth itself is a recording device.

But you'd need to talk to a geologist to decipher it, and get an explanation. 
And it would only be temporary, geology is always open to revision.

Let's enjoy our short time here.

Climate change is for real.

We are polluting the planet beyond beyond any immediate repair.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

More sand - an Ocean Beach sculptor is at work

So here's this chunk of quasi-sandstone, fallen off a crumbling cliff at the beach. Someone has decided it's face is a canvas, so they carve - a palm tree.
Sand is a long time in the making, and has a long life cycle.
I remember my Mom taking us three kids to uncounted destinations in Maine north of us, and on the way back we stopped many times at 'The Rock Shop'. No music here, just rocks, of all kinds. There was always a tumbler at work. Nature has a tumbler too - it's called the ocean.

On a more serious note:
Excellent article, read it.
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I haven't run out of sand images quite yet....... stop in again :-)