Sunday, September 4, 2016

Take a seat...

Take a seat on an abandoned decrepit chair on the beach. 
In a surreally oversized driftwood shelter. Let your thoughts wander. 
Watch the fading sunset light. Did i mention your cell phone should be turned off? 
Well, now i have.

Stop. Sit. Think. Pay attention to the real world. 
The chair, the driftwood, the sunset.

After many years of making darkroom photomontage ( since the late 80's), 
and not being able to get arrested for it 
except for a few appearances in competitive group shows, 
and some assignment illustrations in various magazines 
....I am designing & publishing books I make at Blurb with 'Bookify' 
- two of them are on Amazon, one is at Blurb.

'California Beach Trip':
On Amazon:

'Desert Trip'
On Amazon:

'Seeking the Vibe'
On Blurb:

Previews of all at: