Monday, May 15, 2017

More sand...

..and two micro-climates. You might not be familiar w/ the term, i don't know where else it is used except in The SF Bay area. A typical summer's day? In western SF, the fog is socked in, temp = 55 degrees.  A mile or so to the east in the business district and what's called 'soma' = 'south of market', it's sunny, mild and 25 degrees warmer.

Delicately sculpted sand encloses a distant view, fog curling over the hills.

The sax player is busking at Ocean Beach's Cliff house.
 Fog is teasing him, sand encases him, sort of.

Here's a better view of that fog burnin' off. It's magical :-)

And to finish things off, two 'walkin' images.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Smooth wet sand, Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Wet sand on a beach at low tide becomes a canvas.

.... which then becomes a maze? or perhaps a map? 
Much of life is a matter of 'it's all in the eye of the beholder'. 
Is the glass half empty or...?
Is it a map to the way out (or in?)... or a maze to become lost in?
And where does the ladder go?

The artist shows up when conditions are right, which probably isn't often.

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That same wet sand is a canvas for very shallow waves that bounce off each other, creating a network of ripples.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

New topic/theme - sand

What is this blog about? In a nutshell, it's about black and white darkroom photomontage, and occasionally some digital montage. Every few weeks, a new image with a few words about it, kinda poetic, philosophical. 
For more details - check out the archive, the first post, April 26, 2015.
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Let's move on to a new visual theme/topic: I've chosen sand. Yes, that's right, sand! 
It comes in any color you can imagine, and any texture you can imagine. White to black, as fine as flour, as textured as gravel. It is amazingly malleable, and can create a multitude of forms and sights. It records the weather, the waves and wind, and the creatures that pass over it.

So here's a few photo-montage images to start off the new theme. 
They are a great transition from the previous topic (time) to this one.

(This one is digital)
A single blade of dune grass is blown by the wind, 
makes circular grooves in the sand. 
It is a clock of sorts, a measure of time. 
Part of a sundial miraculously appears. 
Reset your watch if you feel it necessary... this event will not last long.

This/above is darkroom.
How many photos of sand do I have in my archive?
The only answer can be 'countless'.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Old coast road, broken clock

A discarded clock sits between sky and a road no car has traveled on in quite a while. Did the clock break at the same time as the road? Or did the clock break the road?? Time definitely works it's slow destructive effects on one and all. As the road recedes in the distance, it is unbroken, navigable. Let's hope one can continue on after all seems broken, on foot, hopefully this is simply a temporary distraction.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Here's that sundial again, it eminates (sic?) from the grooves carved in the sand, someone runs from the indefinite time keeping of the grooves, to the somewhat more precise display of the sundial. What does this all mean, including the soft footprint?

Sometimes i have an inkling what a montage is about, other times, nary a clue.
I'm obviously interested in things metaphysical - beyond that, it's up to the viewer to decide what's going on. If I haven't figured them out yet, (and I haven't, not really), why should I presume to explain them to anyone else? Many of the pictures just seem to 'happen', because the individual negatives are 'looking' for each other. I'm just a chaperone, and a really loose one at that...
But those were always the best kind of parties, right?
One thing I know - that guy will probably keep on running for a while. Hoping perhaps that the sundial will turn into a Rolex.

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I'll be back, for sure :-)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Surreal Hourglass

Here's a most appropriate image for the passing of one year, the beginning of the next. And a new timepiece to contemplate - an hourglass.

I'm sure if you go shopping online, you can find endless variety,

people buy it for the design,

same as they buy watches,

it's about enjoying the design, & showing off one's taste and style.

And it's use continues even in digital land.
Various computer graphical interfaces may change the cursor to an hourglass during a period when the program is in the middle of a task, and may not accept user input.

Another example of how digital borrows from the past - the ca-chink sound a camera makes when you take a picture, and the shutter opens and closes. My Canon sure shot does this, and so does the 'Capture' program on my Mac when it captures a window or screen.

In conclusion, a bit of shameless self promotion.
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This includes an image i have recently posted, titled 'Desert Time'.

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