Monday, September 4, 2017

Beach Mirage

I did this darkroom print really quickly, simply - wasn't much impressed w/ the result immediately, but it has grown on me. Who is this huge figure in the distance, coming thru a misty tunnel?

Is this the begining of a zombie apocalypse movie?
Or something more benevolent?

Above, digital coloring

The source image for this, made at Ocean Beach, SF, CA., was on this roll/film.

The place is a magnet for anyone looking for an enlightening refreshing experience without having to go very far at all. I lived in SF from '92-2001, i spent many a dollar on bus fare going to and fro. That's all it took, a buck, RT ticket.

At the west side of town, it extends south for miles. It's landmark structure - Cliff House - has undergone numerous renovations. The Sutro Baths was a huge vault of a place, that took in ocean water in a controlled way for a frothy cold bath. Above both of those, Sutro Gardens. Adolf Sutro liked to name places after himself. The ruins of the Bath House still take in hi-tide seawater, a path north leads to several viewpoints, and trails lead down treacherous land to rocky beaches.

The same set-up - the glassy surface of wet sand - made for a roll or two of the waves, rippling back and forth against each other, very late in the day. It became the cover image for one of my books.

'Seeking the Vibe'

Hope you're enjoying the sand - there's plenty left - Stop in again!