Saturday, April 30, 2016



So what is holding this mysterious stack of stones above the water?
Are they vibrating in some way, to stay afloat??
Or is the vibration keeping them afloat?
I am no scientist, but there are many paradoxes in the world.
Our bodies seem solid enough, but they are 60 % water.
(check me on this one, the percentage might be higher!)

To quote wikipedia:

"The vast majority of cells in the human body are not human at all; rather they are of bacteria, archaea, and methanogens such as Methanobrevibacter smithii. The largest proportion of these form the gut flora."

And all these molecules that make all this up?
Neutrons, protons and whatever else, all spinning around.......
We aren't what we seem to be. (What else is?)

On the topic of stacking stones?

(I shot this many years ago on, on Ocean Beach, SF CA, the south end)

And someone at High Country News has a comment:

My advice to this writer? - humans have been altering the planet since we crawled out of a cave. 
It ain't gonna stop, ever. " 'Til death do us part". A few stones stacked isn't much to get excited about.

Grow up, get over it.

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Thanks for tuning in - I'll be back, for sure.

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