Sunday, December 4, 2016

'Matter of time'

Another image in the 'time' series

I could also title this one 'Measure of time', either title would be fine & fitting. 
The fog recedes long enough to let sunshine throw great sharp shadows from this half man-made / half nature-made time piece. A small root from some dunes grass spins in the wind, making concentric grooves in the sand, a compliment to the two hands of a clock. A small creature of some kind leaves it's trail. All the elements here are on different measures of time - circles on sand, trails left behind, a clock that keeps ticking, ticking, ticking relentlessly on, fog that has a schedule all it's own. And sand that is the end result of who knows much rock building and then grinding 'til what was once VERY large (perhaps covering continents) and heavy becomes the consistency of table salt. In one of John McPhee's books about the geology of the US, from east to west (a marvelous series of books, ending w/ 'Assembling California') he writes: The top of the Himalayas is made of marine shale - hope you didn't miss that - marine shale, made in the ocean, now at 25,000+ft elevation. Now that takes some time doesn't it?

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