Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Surreal Hourglass

Here's a most appropriate image for the passing of one year, the beginning of the next. And a new timepiece to contemplate - an hourglass.

I'm sure if you go shopping online, you can find endless variety,

people buy it for the design,

same as they buy watches,

it's about enjoying the design, & showing off one's taste and style.

And it's use continues even in digital land.
Various computer graphical interfaces may change the cursor to an hourglass during a period when the program is in the middle of a task, and may not accept user input.

Another example of how digital borrows from the past - the ca-chink sound a camera makes when you take a picture, and the shutter opens and closes. My Canon sure shot does this, and so does the 'Capture' program on my Mac when it captures a window or screen.

In conclusion, a bit of shameless self promotion.
After many years of making darkroom photomontage (since the late 80's), and not being able to get arrested for it except for a few appearances in competitive group shows, and some assignment illustrations in various magazines ....I am designing & publishing books I make at Blurb with 'Bookify' - two of them are on Amazon, one is at Blurb.

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